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Welcome to Lost Legend Trilogy
Through the horse, God gave to mankind a very special form of liberty, a bequest that altered not only the face of the earth, but the heart and spirit of its human inhabitants as well.

Still, for some reason, the Age of the Horse, and the miraculous changes brought about during this season in time, are most often overlooked. Largely thanks to humankind’s partnership with the horse, territories were discovered, explored and civilized. Lands were cultivated and wars were won. In truth, the impact of this gallant creature on world progress is far more monumental than the changes brought about by any of the more heralded historic periods such as the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Industrial Age.

The Lost Legend Trilogy aims to correct this injustice by revealing the origin of the mystical bond between horses and humans—and by reminding the world at large that without the horse, civilization as we know it today might not even exist.

The Lost Legend Trilogy is an inspirational, faith-filled series written for the whole family. It is a tale of Christian fiction, of horses, of mystery, of hope and of love. It is a chronicle of Christmas and Easter ~ a journey aboard God’s beloved horse through the life and times of His Son, our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

Says Library Journal:

“...Hardesty's singular trilogy will delight fans of Walter Farley's and Marguerite Henry's horse stories. Suitable for all ages.”

And the hoofbeats of the horses ~ with the heartbeats of humankind ~
remain the rhythm of the ages beneath the passage of time . . .

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lost legend trilogy